Salmon Jump, River Esk

Salmon Jump, River Esk, Scotland, edition of 100
Copyright 1996 Catriona Fraser
Limited Edition of 100
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One of the most scenic rivers of Scotland, the River North Esk begings at Loch lee in Glen Esk and flows nearly 30 miles to the North Sea at Montrose. This is one of the finest and most scenic rivers in Scotland and offers some of the best fly fishing waters in the world. Stunning views, fertile farmland, historic castles and picturesque bridges are all part of the beauty of North Esk.

One of the most scenic spots is near the village of Edzell in Angus. Entering through what is known as the "Blue Door," (a small wooden door in the stone wall which surrounds The Burns Estate) one is transported to a beautiful world of woods, trails and the sounds of the North Esk. The salmon jump ladder is about a mile up the trail from there.

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