What the press is writing about the photography of Catriona Fraser

The 1996 Washington Post article and the 1997 Washington Post article.

"Moody and evocative..."
ball The Washington Post "Saturates the spaces she photographs with an unforgettably intense aura of the holy"
ball The Washington Review "Fraser's grainy technique gloriously captures subtleties"
ball Washington City Paper "Landscapes... become impressionistic images, timeless and ethereal, in her hands"
ball Potomac News

"The best damned landscape photographer alive on the planet today..."
ball Visions Magazine for the Arts

"Top Shot..."
ball Scotland's Press and Journal

"Ethereal vision of her subjects..."
ball Vallejo Times-Herald

"Her work... evokes ideas of memory and time in a way which standard photography can not duplicate."
ball Richmond Style Weekly

"Unique take on life... eerie surreal effect."
ball Prince William Journal

"Triumphant!... a haul of prizes."
ball Brechin Advertiser

"Has won high praise for her photographs... her career has rocketed."
ball Aberdeen Courier-Advertiser

"Impressive pieces in her body of works."
ball Manassas Journal Messenger

"Special and often mystical..."
ball Dimensions

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